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Seeking Contract Opportunities

Colin Chase is currently seeking consulting opportunities in the fields of eCommerce, Online Marketing (SEO/SEM), Brand Marketing, Shopper Marketing, Cross Promotion Management, Project Management, SEO Management, and Interactive or Traditional Marketing. Chase is seeking contract work (such as through a 1099 Contract or services paid directly to Chase-It Marketing™).

Colin Chase has been employed in various marketing capacities since 2000, while his Internet prowess dates back to the beginning of the World Wide Web in 1993. Chase has held positions in eCommerce, Online / Internet Marketing, Agency Marketing and Advertising, and Interactive Marketing. He has held titles such as: Director of eCommerce, eCommerce Manager, Director of Marketing, Project Manager, Marketing Film / Animation Producer and Director, and Lead Creative Agent.

Chase has seventeen (17) years of professional experience, with nearly 12 years being in management and director roles. Chase began his career as a Computer Technician and Network Administrator for a SUNY Community College from 1995 through 1999. In 2000 Chase went on to start his own marketing agency and firmly established himself in Online Marketing, Brand Marketing, and Interactive Marketing.

Chase was able to achieve a level of prominent success within interactive marketing from 2000 through the end of 2007 servicing niche Manufacturers before repositioning solely into eCommerce in 2008. For two years Chase guided the Online efforts of a mid-sized, family-run eRetail company in Buffalo, NY (best known for their website This company realized nearly 25% growth per year in the Internet Division that Chase managed, for the two years of Chase's employment at the height of the worst economic Recession since WWII. This growth came from within the Leisure Industry at a time when this industry was experiencing negative growth.

From 2010 through 2012 Chase directed the Online and Brand Marketing efforts of an emerging brand within the Snack Food industry that has become established in several retail chains across the US. The specific products marketed by Chase being primarily "Freeze-dried Fruit" which is categorized as a "Healthy Snack" and is a sub-set of the very large "Dried Fruit" market of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Due to Chase's multi-channel approach he was able to grow online revenue for the primary brand (Brothers-All-Natural) by 60% in 2011 alone.

Email Marketing Projects Management

Project Highlights

Project Client: - CPG Brand

Project Components:
graphic art, web design, web programming, e-merchandising, list management, ESP (Email Service Provider) software / SaaS

Chase's Involvement:
Direction, Management, Lead Creative Agent, Web Programming, ESP system manager, List Management, Landing Page creation, Statistics Review

Project Staff:
Chase in multiple roles, 1 graphic artist, 1 clerical staff (compiling stats)

Project Timeframe:
Approximately 0.5 to 2 Days per week

Project Budget:
Staff costs and $500 per month for Email Service Provider (ESP)

Inconsistent Email Marketing

In the summer of 2010 when Colin Chase first came on board with as the Director of eCommerce, his role was in regard to the overall direction for the eCommerce Division of Brothers-All-Natural as well as the hands-on implementation of the day-to-day tasks. The staff under Chase's control were mainly clerical for him to use on a part-time basis as they had other responsibilities outside of eCommerce. Additionally he had access to one of the company's graphic artists, but this employee was "officially" directed by the Art Department's Director and Chase could only receive a few hours of graphic art assistance per week.

Brothers-All-Natural Email Marketing - 16 Hour Sale - 200 Pack Sale - 2012
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After first creating a new version of the website and going live with it at the end of October 2010, Chase immediately enacted a new, more consistent, and more graphically-pleasing Email Marketing Campaign for the company. Up to this point the Email Marketing had been done sporadically and with inconsistent messaging and imagery. However, the Email Marketing was seen as a viable method for increasing online sales, yet the budget didn't truly reflect this as the money allocated to Email Campaigns was virtually nothing. It was expected that less than $200 per year would be spent on out-of-pocket costs such as for an Email Service Provider (ESP) or related. Working within this constraint Chase opted for MailChimp as this ESP also integrated with BigCommerce (the eCommerce SaaS platform chosen by Chase).

By the summer of 2011 Chase had gained approval to upgrade to a more robust Email Service Provider (ESP), but his budget was still very modest for the systems that had interested him. Chase was able to negotiate a very favorable deal with Listrak after having spent time with this vendor at IRCE 2011 in San Diego. Listrak was a little cumbersome to use in its current version, however there was a promise of a new version being released soon (which Chase believes was launched in August 2012 shortly after his leaving Brothers-All-Natural).

The Listrak system provided a lot of robust functionality, making it much easier to re-send an email within a set number of days to everyone on the list who had not opened the email yet. This was usually done 2 to 3 days after the initial weekly email was sent on Thursday afternoons. This simple "re-send to non-openers" function allowed for a 67% increase in overall Open Rates per email, going from an average of 15% to around 25% each week. The Click-through Rates (CTR) however fluctuated depending upon the deal and the current state of the email list. These CTR's started around 10% at the start as Chase was still learning to better understand his target audience at the beginning of 2011, and then ended up averaging around 18% by the beginning of 2012.

Targeted Landing Pages for the Marketing Emails

Brothers-All-Natural Email Marketing - 16 Hour Sale - 200 Pack Sale - LANDING PAGE - 2012
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One area in which Chase was really able to shine from the get-go was in regard to Targeted Landing Pages for each and every email. Having undergone Landing Page Optimization training and having two years of mass emailing experience from, Chase had become an expert and ascertaining how to structure a Landing Page. Chase was able to bring about some amazing Conversion Rates from the Landing Pages. This was achieved in spite of not having a full-time graphic artist at his disposal while with Brothers-All-Natural, which is an area of importance for Email Marketing. It is important to have outstanding graphics that engage the users, but even without this graphical assistance Chase succeeded.

So Chase started with Open Rates around 15%, Click-Through Rates around 10%, but right from the start the Conversion Rates from the Landing Page ranged around 20%! The Conversion Rates coming from the Landing Pages were further improved to averaging around 25%, but have spiked as high as 48% (for some of the exclusive very-limited-time sales, such as 14-hour sales). In 2012 the statistics have been in the 25% range for overall Opens, the 18% range for Click-throughs, and the staggering 25% range for Conversions off the Landing Pages! This means an overall Conversion Rate from the original Email Marketing List of 1.125%, which is an excellent rate by any standard and for most industries. Thus for every 10,000 susbcribers each email would produce around 125 orders.

Timely Enhancements to the Email Marketing

Brothers-All-Natural Email Marketing - Customer Appreciation May - 2012
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Colin Chase enacted several enhancements to the Email Marketing while with Brothers-All-Natural including: Shopping Cart Abandonment Emailing, Customer Appreciation Emailing, and periodic Product-Targeted Customer Emails.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Emailing is a hot topic in 2012, and Chase moved to initiate this Email Marketing technique in late spring. Shopping Cart Abandonment Emailing works like this: The customer shows interest in specific products by adding them to his or her Shopping Cart within the eCommerce system (in this instance BigCommerce was the eCommerce system). If the visitor leaves without making a purchase of the items in their Shopping Cart, then an email is generated a few hours later reminding them that they put these items into their Shopping Cart and gently reminds them of this. If the customer does not make the purchase after this reminder, then 2 days after this initial email a second email is sent reminding them once again. This time however, the email may include a special offer to save 10% off their order or receive free shipping. If the customer still does not make the purchase after the 2nd reminder, then after an additional 2 days a third and final reminder email is sent informing them yet again about the items in their Shopping Cart. This last email may include a 15% off coupon plus free shipping.

Each of the coupons offered via the Shopping Cart Abandonment Emailing is for a limited-time-only for the purpose of creating a sense of urgency. However since the emails are gentle reminders, informing the customer as if they have simply forgotten their intent and (potentially) providing discounts on the order, such Email Marketing does not typically create hostility in the customer.

Brothers-All-Natural Email Marketing - Customer Appreciation May - LANDING PAGE - 2012
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Customer Appreciation Emailing is done by querying your Order Database and cross referencing this with your Customer Database to determine which customers have not ordered within a set time frame such as the past 4 months. These customers are then sent an email with a special offer, typically the "best" Weekly Email Marketing offer from over the past 30 days is sent. The email is titled "Customer Appreciation: Where have you been?" and goes on to state very meekly that the company or website "misses" seeing the customer on their website and would like to offer them a special deal as an incentive to return to the website. These Customer Appreciation emails have been incredibly successful at bringing in more conversions than Weekly Email Marketing.

Product-targeted emails are sent to a group of customers who have shown a particular interest in a specific product or line of products. In regard to Brothers-All-Natural Chase would periodically poll the Order Database to find all the customers who had ordered a specific item which may be a new item, such as the Mandarin Orange Fruit Crisps or the Disney Toy Story line of products. These customers would then be sent an email regarding the product, knowing full well that the person had an interest in the item at one point in the recent past, and then offers some sort of special deal on the item. This technique was also very successful and very useful when the company needed to push a specific item that had stalled in sales or maybe for which a large shipment of new inventory was arriving in the warehouse (i.e., to move out the old inventory).

Constraints and Limited Resources

While at Leisure Living ( Chase enacted major changes to the Email Marketing in 2009 and saw an increase in Email Marketing revenues to the tune of 49% in one year, which equated to millions of dollars in increased revenues from the Email Marketing Channel. (Click here for more information regarding the changes that Chase enacted for's Email Marketing in 2009.) However, in 2009 the one additional change that Chase sought, but didn't always have the resources (i.e., staff time) to implement, was the creation of targeted Landing Pages for every weekly email. Rather than sending the customer to a generic page on the website such as the home page or a category page, Chase wanted to have a targeted Landing Page for each weekly email. This was a change that Chase believed would have generated an even more significant increase in gross revenue from the marketing emails for

In 2011 Chase enacted major changes to the Email Marketing at Brothers-All-Natural and again saw huge improvements in the results and corresponding sales, yet these changes did include a targeted Landing Page for every email. However, while with Brothers-All-Natural in 2012 Chase desired to initiate two additional improvements to the Email Marketing that he regrettably never had the resources to enact. The one change was for better, more enhanced and more engaging graphics as this required more time from the graphic artist tasked with assisting Chase. The second additional change was for user-enacted or event-triggered emails based upon user interactions on the website. Several Product Recommendation Services are available to make this a reality, and many of the ESP's now offer this as an add-on capability, but Chase was never provided the resources to initiate this concept.

By better targeting the Email Subscribers and Existing Customers with products for which they have expressed a distinct interest, your Email Marketing can reach the next level and realize vast improvements in revenue from the Email Marketing Channel. However, an adequate amount of resources (i.e., staff time and/or the proper budget) need to be allocated for these techniques to become a reality. It is crucial to garner buy-in from the top management and to do so by continuing to communicate the Best Practices of Email Marketing. However, as displayed on this page, much can be done even when more is desired.

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