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Seeking Contract Opportunities

Colin Chase is currently seeking consulting opportunities in the fields of eCommerce, Online Marketing (SEO/SEM), Brand Marketing, Shopper Marketing, Cross Promotion Management, Project Management, SEO Management, and Interactive or Traditional Marketing. Chase is seeking contract work (such as through a 1099 Contract or services paid directly to Chase-It Marketing™).

Colin Chase has been employed in various marketing capacities since 2000, while his Internet prowess dates back to the beginning of the World Wide Web in 1993. Chase has held positions in eCommerce, Online / Internet Marketing, Agency Marketing and Advertising, and Interactive Marketing. He has held titles such as: Director of eCommerce, eCommerce Manager, Director of Marketing, Project Manager, Marketing Film / Animation Producer and Director, and Lead Creative Agent.

Chase has seventeen (17) years of professional experience, with nearly 12 years being in management and director roles. Chase began his career as a Computer Technician and Network Administrator for a SUNY Community College from 1995 through 1999. In 2000 Chase went on to start his own marketing agency and firmly established himself in Online Marketing, Brand Marketing, and Interactive Marketing.

Chase was able to achieve a level of prominent success within interactive marketing from 2000 through the end of 2007 servicing niche Manufacturers before repositioning solely into eCommerce in 2008. For two years Chase guided the Online efforts of a mid-sized, family-run eRetail company in Buffalo, NY (best known for their website This company realized nearly 25% growth per year in the Internet Division that Chase managed, for the two years of Chase's employment at the height of the worst economic Recession since WWII. This growth came from within the Leisure Industry at a time when this industry was experiencing negative growth.

From 2010 through 2012 Chase directed the Online and Brand Marketing efforts of an emerging brand within the Snack Food industry that has become established in several retail chains across the US. The specific products marketed by Chase being primarily "Freeze-dried Fruit" which is categorized as a "Healthy Snack" and is a sub-set of the very large "Dried Fruit" market of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Due to Chase's multi-channel approach he was able to grow online revenue for the primary brand (Brothers-All-Natural) by 60% in 2011 alone.

News Stories and Publicity regarding Colin Chase

News about Colin Chase

1) Speaking at Internet Retailer Conference and Expo (IRCE) was an honor for Chase having attended the Conference several times in the past and being provided the opportunity to share the stage with some amazing eCommerce professionals. This Speaker Bio appeared on the IRCE website as well as in the printed IRCE 2012 Conference Catalog.

Colin Chase
Director of E-Commerce, Brothers International Food Corp.

Colin Chase has been providing digital marketing expertise to small and mid-sized companies since the late 1990's.

During Chase's tenure in an agency setting he worked alongside many mid-sized niche manufacturers in the US, helping these industrial clients learn how to differentiate themselves in the global and domestic markets. Several of the marketing projects managed by Chase went on to be recognized with awards as innovative yet pragmatic marketing projects. Chase has worked with a variety of small and mid-sized companies spanning the leisure and recreation industries, food and industrial manufacturers, wineries, health care providers, real estate brokers, brick 'n mortar retail stores, various online stores, tourist destinations, and several non-profit organizations on a mission. From start-ups to greatly expanding companies, Chase has provided leadership for a variety of marketing initiatives.


June 6, 2012 : 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM

To paraphrase the old New Yorker cartoon, "On the Internet, no one knows you're small." Size, rightly or not, often connotes success, longevity and professionalism. As a result, size often creates trust in consumers. This session will guide attendees to positioning their companies online and creating a big image, by connecting with even bigger players and brands. The aim: foster trust and increase sales. Our speaker has been managing small companies' online images and marketing programs since 2000.

- IRCE Conference Catalog and Website (April 2012)

2) The Chautauqua Leadership Network and regional newspapers carried stories about Colin Chase's training by Al Gore in January 2007. The article quoted from below is from CLN's monthly newsletter and was in regard to an additional training Chase underwent with the Union of Concerned Scientists in Boston.

"Colin [Chase] was sought to be a part of this training due to his involvement with The Climate Project, spreading the message about global warming and what we can do to curtail it," said Keith Bergman, a mentor with The Climate Project. The training centered around the effects of global warming locally, in and around the Northeast United States.


[UCS Trainer Dr. Peter] Frumhoff is one of the lead authors of the IPCC report, he’s one of the leading scientists who’s been studying global climate change for many years now. From the Oscar-wining Al Gore to the National Geographic Arctic Explorer Will Steger, from the political left to the political right, the Union of Concerned Scientists is the organization that well-known groups get their data from, as well as their understanding of the data.

3) Appearing on National Public Radio (NPR) was a thrill for Chase, as he is an avid NPR listener. This story aired in 2006 and was reporting on the Telly Award won by Chase and his team at Chase Information Systems, Inc.

A local marketing company based in Chautauqua County has won a very prestigious award from the television industry.

Chase Information Systems of Jamestown is a small multi-media marketing firm that has received a Telly Award. The Telly's are awarded for outstanding local, regional and cable TV commercials, programs, video and film productions. But winning is no small task. The competition is both national and international. Chase president Colin Chase says they picked up a silver Telly award for a corporate video produced for Vesuvius Monofrax located in Falconer, N.Y.

- Eileen Buckley, WBFO (July 12th, 2006)

4) Chase was excited to have Buffalo Business First magazine highlight his company's efforts in an article about interactive multimedia marketing. This story was printed on August 19th, 2005 before the awards had been won by Chase, yet his firm was a recognized leader in the interactive marketing space.

[Chase Information Systems] handles custom computer programming, Web development and marketing and multimedia animation and video projects.


The day of the huge marketing firms isn't going to end, but they're definitely going to be competing with these small firms.

5) Adobe announced through Director Online about Colin Chase's company winning the INM Impressario Contest in 2005. The actual award from INM is still hosted as an award-winning example here:

1st Place Sony Marketing Resource Toolkit developed by Blueburst Ltd.

2nd Place Swarovski's Introduction to Digiscoping developed by Sony DADC

3rd Place Weber Knapp Video developed by Chase Information Systems, Inc.

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