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Colin Chase is currently seeking consulting opportunities in the fields of eCommerce, Online Marketing (SEO/SEM), Brand Marketing, Shopper Marketing, Cross Promotion Management, Project Management, SEO Management, and Interactive or Traditional Marketing. Chase is seeking contract work (such as through a 1099 Contract or services paid directly to Chase-It Marketing™).

Chase has seventeen (17) years of professional experience, with nearly 12 years being in management and director roles. Chase began his career IT from 1995 through 1999. In 2000 Chase started his own marketing agency and firmly established himself in Online Marketing, Brand Marketing, and Interactive Marketing.

Chase was able to achieve a level of prominent success within interactive marketing from 2000 through 2007 servicing niche Manufacturers before repositioning solely into eCommerce in 2008. For two years Chase guided the Online efforts of a mid-sized, family-run eRetail company in Buffalo, NY (best known for their website This company realized nearly 25% growth per year in the Internet Division that Chase managed, for the two years of Chase's employment at the height of the worst economic Recession since WWII. This growth came from within the Leisure Industry at a time when this industry was experiencing negative growth.

From 2010 through 2012 Chase directed the Online and Brand Marketing efforts of an emerging brand within the Snack Food industry that has become established in several retail chains across the US. Due to Chase's multi-channel approach he was able to grow online revenue for the primary brand (Brothers-All-Natural) by 60% in 2011 alone.


Chase has directed multiple cross promotions and sweepstakes with Warner Home Video and Big Idea Entertainment (VeggieTales) among others.

Proven Success

Colin Chase has been blessed to enjoy multiple successes in the fields of eCommerce, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Landing Page Optimization, Brand Marketing, Shopper Marketing, Publicity, Cross Promotions, and Interactive Marketing. Having served as Director of eCommerce, Director of Marketing, and Lead Creative Agent spanning his 17 year career.

In the past few years Chase has brought together marketing initiatives that have included Warner Brothers Home Video, Big Idea Entertainment (owner of VeggieTales), Disney, Walmart, Staples SchoolKidz, plus more. Chase has successfully generated publicity for the companies he has served through various Online Marketing techniques, Cross Promotions, Sweepstakes, Contests, TV shows, and syndicated Press Releases.

If your company is seeking a tenacious go-getter with a proven track record of generating increased revenues through leading-edge and traditional marketing techniques, then Chase is your man.

Chase develops and directs the Marketing Plan while also managing the support staff, bringing new ideas to fruition with style and acumen. Chase is a marketing professional who thinks out of the box, yet he understands what needs to be in the box.

Chase-It Marketing™ is now providing marketing consulting services. Get ahead of the game, or learn how to play with a proven professional!™ Contact Colin Chase today (click here).


Projects and Work Examples

eCommerce Direction, Management, &

Pic 8 - Colin Chase Speaking at IRCE 2012

Colin Chase has enjoyed a 17 year career going from IT to Marketing and then into eCommerce. Here is an article with examples of Chase's acumen and experience.


Marketing - A Necessary Approach

Pic 9 - Colin Chase speaking with Al Gore in 2007

Many topics are very important in the world of eCommerce, but none so much as discussing the use of a cohesive Multi-Channel approach. This article explains the topic in depth.


News &
Media Stories

Pic 6 - Colin Chase speaking at a News Conference as the Campaign Manager for a mayoral election in 2007

Over his career Colin Chase has been involved in a variety of projects that have garnered media attention. Here are a handful of such stories.


Reputation & Recommendations

Pic 7 - Colin Chase on the set of a Marketing Video he directed and produced in 2007

Various clients, colleagues, and employees have said great things about Colin Chase. Here are a few of the best things that have been said.